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Power Hour DMO Setup For Success Worksheet

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What if you could say goodbye to:
  • Micromanaging your network marketing team
  • ​Your team isn't feeling confident in working their business alone so they do nothing
  • ​Overly critical and demanding team members 
Because everything you need to MASTER your Network Marketing business with simple ease + success is in...
...just ONE hour a day! 👏
Without a simple routine to implement daily you allow the doubt + fear to take over your mind and continue to block your success in your network marketing business. 

P.S. This was me back in 2013. Before utilizing my leaders on my team to take on power hours with me. 

You don't have to do this alone. 

You don't have to spread yourself thin or feel like you're in a room of fire and "everything's FINE"
You also can finally stop being:
  • Frustrated with being stuck financially.
  • ​Frustrated with your business not growing.
  • ​Sick and tired of watching others have success while your team is stuck.
How? By doing what I did For the next 90 days...

 I focused all my energy on 4 - 15 minute blocks and following the "Power Hour Worksheet" 
That week we all started to hit ranks and FINALLY my team was MORE consistent and winning.
I'm here to tell you that you can repeat this exact routine to plug your team into so that they can start winning too.

So let me ask you...
Do you want a simple 1-hour worksheet  to create duplication + consistency in your network marketing business (and your teams) ?
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Do you want the exact scripts teach my team to use that helped us sell over $50k in sales in just one hour?

If so...

Then let me show you what I've got for you...
The "Power Hour Setup For Success Worksheet" For Network Marketers
🚨Learn how to generate leads and sales during your power hour.
🚨Get more people on your team using this powerful strategy. 
🚨Fire up your power hour and achieve success like never before.
🚨Watch your business grow with this proven system.
🚨Steal the scripts that helped my team sell over $50,000 in just one hour!
"It's legit my checklist for keeping my focus on point to turn consistency into dollars"
    Listen...stop waiting for luck, stop waiting for the business you want to come, and instead have a method of operating your network marketing business that you can share with your team. the past I was a Negative Nancy complainer who micromanaged my team + thought the Zoom's we were jumping on were actual "working zooms" 

    But the Power Hour Setup For Success Worksheet helped me breakthrough and create momentum + action with my team, not just another training. 
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